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Financial Services:
As the business gets bigger the risk gets high therefore our advice to our clients focuses on how to manage risk. However, there must be some identification of risks and the means of how to manage each risk. Our advices are very practical. Join the wagon then Equable (Pvt) Ltd. can support you.

We believe that constantly changing business environment requires constant advice so that our clients are well kept abreast with new business approaches in their respective industries. We advise on how to measure growth, good governance.

Our valuable knowledge in IT helps us to impart IT to our clients. We concientise some of our clients to move from manual to computer data capturing: We highlight the importance of using computers and the disadvantages of not using it.

MANAGEMENT OF KEY RISKS                                               

We advise the directors/management to continue maintaining a strong risk management culture in response to the changing environment in order to achieve an appropriate balance between risk and reward.

Credit Risk

This arises from a debtor's failure to meet the terms of any contract with the company or if a debtor otherwise fails to perform as agreed.


To effectively manage credit risk the directors and the management should establish effective, well defined policies, procedures and limits which are reviewed regularly and approved by the directors and strictly implemented by management.

Market Risk

This is the risk of financial loss in and off balance sheet trading positions arising from movements in market prices.


We advise the management to use techniques to measure and control market risk which includes scenario analysis, price review, duration analysis and value at risk. All measures should be documented. They should perform regular reviews of the existing models to ensure that they are still relevant and behaving within expectations.

Operational Risks

This arises from technology failures and inadequate information system, breaches in internal controls, fraud, unforeseen catastrophes, or other operational problems may result in unexpected losses.

Management of operational risk

All business activities should be undertaken in accordance with fundamental control principles of operational risk identification, segregation of duties, clear documentation of control procedures, authorization, close monitoring risk limits, monitoring of assets use, reconciliation of transactions and compliance.
Compliance Risk

This arises from violation of or non-conformance with laws, rules, regulations, prescribed practices, internal policies and procedures or ethical standards. Our advice is that they should operate within the prescribed rules and regulations of the companies Act (Chapter: 24:03).

Strategic risk                                                                        

This arises from adverse business decisions, lack of responsiveness to environment changes or improper implementation of decisions.
The directors retain full responsibility for strategic risk management through the management.

Reputational risk

Reputational risk is the potential that negative publicity regarding the company's business practice, whether true or not, will cause a decline in the customer base, costly litigation or revenue reduction. This may result from the company's failure to effectively manage any or all of the risk types. Management should translate the reputational risk management strategy established by the directors into policies, processes and procedures and should be implemented throughout the company.

Liquidity Risk
That is where cash resources available to the company are considered inadequate to meet its restocking plans.

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