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Equable (Pvt) Ltd.

Charingira Court
37 Josiah Tongogara

Cell: +263 772 933 168

Tel: +263 4 293 2029

Equable (Private) Limited is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company registered in August 2005, incorporating Areopa Internet Cafe'. It started an internet cafe in November 2009. It was established with a strategic intent to provide a one stop shop for Optical Fibre internet, hotspot wireless and business consultancy services encompassing secretarial services and computer consumables. In addition as a gesture of good customer care we provide extras to our clients as they use our services in store. These include airtime, soft drinks and other edibles.

Our business is strategically located in the heart of internet users, the Avenues area at the corner of Josia Tongogara Avenue and Leopard Takawira Street, two busy highways where our natural exposure attracts high net worth individuals and businesses who need our other services besides internet; business consultancy. We have been successful in getting business from the business community.


The registered office of the company is E009 Charingira Court, 37 Josiah Tongogara Avenue, Harare.

Mission Statement

To offer focused value driven services to all clients through competency and innovation.


Equable (Private) Limited aims to be the leading internet and business consultancy services provider in the industry. We are commited to establish and nurture strong client supplier relations to enable us to offer after sales service that is second to none.


  • Seeking investment opportunities which achieve returns at least equal to that required by investors.
  • To strike a proper balance between productivity and organisational maintenance.
  • To remain impartial, intellectually honest and free from conflicts of interest and to demonstrate objectivity in varying circumstances.

Fundamental Principles and ethics

  1. Integrity - we are straight forward and honest in perfoming professional work.
  2. Objectivity And Independence - we are fair and do not allow prejudice or bias or the influence of others to override objectivity.
  3. Due Care - Having accepted the work we are obligated to carry it with due care
  4. Confidentiality - We give respect to confidentiality of information aquired during the course of performing professional work and do not use or disclose any such information without proper and specific authority or unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose.
  5. Professional Behaviour - we act in a manager consistent with the good reputation of the profession and refrain from any conduct which might bring discredit to it.
  6. Maintenence And Professional Competence - we adopt reviewing procedures that will ensure that the quality of professional work is consistant with national and international pronouncements that are issued from time to time.
  7. No Watching Of Pornographic Material - viewing of pornographic material is illegal in Zimbabwe, and anyone found guilty of this will be asked to leave the premises. No refund will be given and we reserve the right to report the matter to the police.


To be recognised as the most preffered provider of internet and secretarial services in Zimbabwe, continually exceeding the expectations of our three stake holders being client, staff and shareholders.


Physical Address:
Charingira Court
37 Josiah Tongogara

Cell: +263 772 933 168
Tel: +263 4 293 2029
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